Current Studies

NEMRA is currently recruiting participants for the following studies:


A healthy normal volunteer is a person with no known significant health problems who participates in a research study to test a new drug or device. 18-55 years of age, Qualified participants receive study-related medical evaluations, investigative study medication and may be eligible to receive financial compensation of up to $6700.00 for time and travel.


18-75 ICS/LABA Asthma trial with 6 hour days.


Asthma study with an investigational medication for Ages 4 and Older


If you are 18-75 years of age, with a diagnosis of migraines for at least 1 year we may have a study for you. Must also have a history of at least 4-14 migraine headaches per month and at least 2 migraines over the past 3 months. This migraine research study is for a new investigational device and is approximately 8 months. You may be compensated for time and travel.


18 and older high dose of ICS/LABA for at least 3 months and must have had 1 asthma exacerbation in the past 18 months.


We are currently recruiting people with moderate to severe Asthma to take part in a new clinical research study, evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational medication. We are looking for men and women who are aged 18-65 years, diagnosed with asthma and do not have any other illnesses that require regular treatment. During the study you will be asked to complete questionnaires and a daily diary of your mediation intake using a provided smartphone.