Current Studies

NEMRA is currently recruiting participants for the following studies:


Asthma Study Seeking participants for an investigational study medication 12/80 years of age. Compensation up to $1000.00


Looking for 40-year-old and up to participate in a COPD trial. 5 Visits with 3 of the 5 will be 6-hour days. Dosed in the office and electronic diaries to be completed at home. Compensation for time and travel up to $955.00.


Investigational study inhaler study for asthma with 5 in-person visits, one of which will be a 12-hour in clinic day and 4 telephone contacts, the study will last for about 2 ½ months. If you qualify you will an inhaler to take every morning and evening and an eDiary to complete. Compensation of up to a total of $900 for completed visits.


Migraine trial for those who have not had a good response with CGRP inhibitor. Must be diagnosed with migraines prior to 50 years of age. There are 4 office visits with compensation up to $500.00


Asthma trial with up to 6 visits, 2 14-hour in clinic days and one telephone contact. Must be 18-less than 75 years of age, taking an inhaled corticosteroids with or without a beta agonist medication.