Founded in 1955, NEMRA has evolved into one of the largest clinical research sites in the United States. Started by Dr. Paul Chervinsky as a site dedicated to clinical research in the fields of Allergy and Asthma care, NEMRA has long distinguished itself as a leader in respiratory research. Our staff now numbers five board certified physicians who conduct clinical studies for every major pharmaceutical company, both in the US and abroad. Under the leadership of Dr. S. David Miller the site has now evolved into a fully dedicated research facility with thirteen employees.  Positions include clinical coordinators, site managers, quality assurance, regulatory coordinator, budget/contract personnel, and data management coordinators.

NEMRA has built a solid reputation as one of the leading respiratory research centers in the United States and has expanded its operations to include several other therapeutic areas. NEMRA has conducted clinical studies in the areas of Cardiovascular Medicine, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Headache, Endocrinology, Healthy Volunteer and Drug Interaction Studies. With a fully dedicated site and support staff, NEMRA has been able to translate its very high standard of care in respiratory medicine to these other therapeutic areas. NEMRA now has the capability to conduct in-patient Phase I studies, in addition to our usual Phase II through IV clinical studies. With dedicated research space amounting to approximately 8000 square feet, we have acquired significant experience with all aspects of Phase I studies conducted on behalf of several sponsors. Our facilities are fully equipped for Phase I; an entire floor is devoted to this purpose and includes features such as in-patient sleeping quarters, a fully equipped laboratory, state of the art equipment for patient evaluation, kitchen and bathroom facilities.  All our study procedures are performed under strict SOPs, according to both internal and external guidelines.

NEMRA is affiliated with Allergy Associates, and is considered one of the leading clinical practices in Massachusetts. In addition, our growth and expertise has allowed us to maintain a position as one of the largest Asthma and Allergy clinical research sites in the country.  New projects have included growth of our Phase I capabilities with studies involving patients with allergic diseases, asthma and healthy normal volunteers of ages six and older.

In the recent past, we have added many additional areas to our research umbrella, enabling study sponsors to benefit from our efficiencies, from rapid enrollment through high quality data management. Our dedicated computerized network allows monitors to utilize high-speed internet lines for connections to their own sites. NEMRA is well adapted to new technologies in research including electronic diaries, data entry, etc.