NEMRA REBRANDS AND LOOKS TO THE FUTURE… how a journey of 56 years has led this research facility to a position of Experience, Leadership and Trust…

North Dartmouth, MA – February 16, 2011

Northeast Medical Research Associates (now just “NEMRA”) is proud to unveil an updated 2011 look to its corporate identity.  This new identity will obtain a well deserved new level of marketing and PR exposure for the research facility in 2011 and will firm its position as a well respected brand in the research community.  A promotional campaign has already been launched:  NEMRA will now be known by this shorter, more dynamic acronym instead of its former, longer, actual name. In addition, a new color scheme of purple, green and two hues of blue has been adopted which offers a cleaner, more updated look. Ads, promotional materials and all other forms of communication will feature dynamic graphics and a crisp presentation that will clearly differentiate NEMRA in the marketplace.  Recent print ads and recent interactions with social media already reflect the new look. A new website, direct e-mailing campaign and online advertising will soon follow.   NEMRA has also adopted a new tag line: “Experience. Leadership. Trust.”.  This new tag line simply describes NEMRA’s business values.  NEMRA is an experienced clinical research facility with a long and prestigious history.  This extensive Experience combined with a state of the art facility and the dynamic backgrounds of both principal investigators and support staff affords NEMRA a position of Leadership in the medical research community.  Experience and Leadership create a foundation of Trust with both business partners and study participants.  These three values permeate NEMRA’s daily operations and work concurrently to insure its success.

“NEMRA’s new look and brand identity is really about better service to our patients”, commented  S. David Miller, MD, Lead Principal Investigator and Managing Director of NEMRA. “We wish to convey the message that NEMRA is one of the current leaders in medical research and that we are in a position to make a difference, both with our industry partners and with our patient community”, added Dr. Miller, “The new marketing efforts, our new website, the new brand image, the new tag line, these are all educational tools that allow for clear, widespread communication of our capabilities.”  Dr. Miller also added that NEMRA “will look to expand beyond the national market and possibly extend its reach internationally in the new future”.

About NEMRA:  NEMRA is a clinical research facility started in 1955 under the direction of Dr. Paul Chervinsky, an expert in respiratory illnesses, who published over 100 articles on allergy and asthma research. Approximately 20 years ago, Dr. S. David Miller joined the team and gradually expanded NEMRA’s capabilities. Under Dr. Miller’s leadership, NEMRA has built a solid reputation as one of the leading respiratory research centers in the United States and has expanded its operations to include several other therapeutic areas. NEMRA has conducted clinical trials in the areas of Cardiovascular Medicine, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Headache, Endocrinology, Healthy Volunteer and Drug Interaction Studies. With a fully dedicated site and support staff, NEMRA has been able to translate its very high standard of care in respiratory medicine to these other therapeutic areas. NEMRA now has the capability to conduct inpatient Phase I trials, in addition to their usual Phase II through IV clinical trials. With dedicated research space amounting to approximately 8000 square feet, they have acquired significant experience with all aspects of Phase I trials conducted on behalf of several sponsors. NEMRA is known for the exceptional quality of its services, its commitment to the quality of the patient experience and for the state of art facility it occupies.

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