Patient Testimonials

NEMRA encourages all study participants to submit a testimonial describing your experience with our clinical studies, from your first visit to our website to your interactions with our staff throughout the process. This is so important! First and foremost, we value our participant’s input greatly. This is how we can improve our service to you as a repeat study participant and to new study participants and therefore become more and more successful in our clinical studies. In addition, your testimonial as a participant will educate potential candidates, who may be considering participation but may be hesitant. Your testimonial is an educational tool for others and you will play a vital role in the process of dispelling concerns and inaccurate perceptions regarding study participation.

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 “After all the years of doing studies, the staff feels like family. The staff not only tries but succeeds extremely well at making patients feel comfortable, at ease, and as if they are the most important person in the world. Staff are very pleasant, knowledgeable, flexible (w/ scheduling, etc.) and helpful. The staff take great care to make sure that all patients are comfortable, both with procedures used during testing, as well as physically comfortable – as evidenced by the awesome furniture.

Although, I feel good about making a ‘contribution’ to society by doing studies; I have an ulterior motive. By doing these studies, I have encountered some very good asthma drugs which have tremendously helped me deal with my asthma.

I have, in the past, and will continue to recommend NEMRA to friends who might be interested in doing studies, because I know that they are the most professional and absolute best research office in the area.”

Paul B.


“The staff at Northeast Medical Research was kind, helpful and always available to answer any questions.”

Phyllis R.


“My involvement in a clinical trail lasting for 1 year for my COPD was both helpful for my breathing problem and, hopefully, beneficial for the research being done by companies utilizing NEMRA in their efforts to improve COPD therapeutics… The nurse I dealt with at NEMRA was always very pleasant to work with and I looked forward to my visits. I have accessed their website which gives a good overview of their clinical trails and operation.”

Edward K